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ClearDB, Heroku, and Cloud Database Jurisdiction

ClearDB, one of the cloud database products listed in the Database as a Service (DbaaS) Product Directory, is now available as a Heroku add-on. I won’t repeat everything you could read elsewhere. Instead, I’ll focus on a thought that crossed my mind when I read more about ClearDB. In the blog post announcing the ClearDB add-on […]

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Creating Scalable Multitenant Architectures for the Cloud

A two hour talk, all about multitenancy, from concepts to architecture.

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CloudExpo: Databases Absent

I just got back from CloudExpo East 2010. I had a wonderful time visiting NYC, meeting new people, and reconnecting with some old friends. Here’s my take on the state of cloud databases and Database as a Service (DbaaS) from the show.

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Do Clouds = Scalability?

If this subject interests you, please head over to my other blog at The Cloud View. I was recently quoted at about the relationship between cloud computing and scalability. My blog post goes into more detail about these related topics.

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Leave a comment = Huge Step Forward for Cloud Computing

Please see my latest post at The Cloud Option about federal government cloud computing:, FISMA compliance, Salesforce, and Google.

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Enterprise Demand Driving Vendor Consideration of Internal Clouds

Please see my latest post at The Cloud Option about an emerging micro-trend in cloud computing platforms—the licensing of PaaS platforms for use in private data centers.

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