Oracle DbaaS Reference Architecture

I just ran across a white paper from Oracle called Database as a Service: Reference Architecture – Overview. Here’s my review.

First, the paper contains a lot of good concepts that you should know about if you are thinking about DbaaS. There’s also some good discussions about cloud database service from the point of view of several different types of actors.

Predictably, the earlier parts of the paper are setup material for marketing Oracle’s products, namely Oracle Database and related technologies like Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. I don’t have any problems with this, but just beware of what you will be reading.

The paper doesn’t contain any material about the newly announced Oracle NoSQL strategy. I’m left wondering how that technology will integrate with the architectures that Oracle is recommending.

What’s missing is meaty, how-to type material. I understand this is a white paper, so the audience is more the decision maker than the implementer. But it would have been nice to have references to other documents or online resources that could have walked me through the implementation of their suggested architectures.

[Update 10/11/2011: I just found the Chapter 8 in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Administration Guide.]

I hope that you find this review helpful.

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