Outcomes from The Big Outage

I’ve been thinking a lot since Amazon’s “Big Outage.” What long-term effects will it have? Four things came to mind.

No Slowdown in the Move to the Cloud

The value proposition for moving to the cloud far outweighs the risks involved, so I don’t expect there will be any slowdown in the move to the cloud. Smart CIOs understand that outages happen, whether they happen in the cloud or in the private data center. Don’t let the naysayers convince you that this is a game changer for the migration to the cloud.

Improved App Designs

Those that choose to continue using AWS as a raw provider of IaaS will no doubt revisit and improve their app designs. Obviously, many apps were not designed to handle an outage across an entire region. Amazon is running a slew of webinars to help architects be more successful in the future.

Improved Tooling

Wouldn’t it be cool if Elastic Beanstalk had a check box with a label something like “Make Resilient”? The tool’s wizard would then prompt for more information and do what it takes to implement the high-availability architectures that the previously mentioned webinars promote. Wanna bet that feature is coming sometime soon?

Increased Interest in PaaS

For those that want to focus more on app building and less time on complicated infrastructure design and implementation, Platform as a Service is looking even more attractive than before. If there’s a problem with the infrastructure layer of your PaaS, the experts working for the PaaS vendor, not you, do what it takes to get their service and your apps up and running again. And after all, it is the year of PaaS!

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