Introducing EquiVol

The generic application that I’m proposing for my cloud/PaaS/DbaaS application platform study is called EquiVol. The EquiVol application keeps track of the monthly open and closing price for a given publicly traded equity on a United States stock exchange. Besides being helpful with my stock trading endeavors, I believe that the EquiVol application will be able to flesh out a number of the capabilities of various cloud-based options for building applications.

The steps that I have identified so far for building EquiVol are as follows.

  1. Declare the data model for the application, including the tables and indexes.

  2. Declare the business logic, including the data integrity constraints, as well as the procedural logic (functions and triggers).

  3. Bulk load sets of data into the application’s tables.

  4. Build a web-based interface for manual data entry and reporting, including data entry forms, text reports, and graphical charts.

  5. Integrate the application’s database with web services that provide access to pre-built logic.

  6. Expose some of the application’s logic as web services so that other applications can reuse components of interest.

  7. Implement business intelligence functions to analyze data.

  8. Schedule jobs that automatically process data, such as analyzing data or sending email alerts to application subscribers.

The other interesting thing that I’ll be attempting to do is try to port the EquiVol application from one platform to another. Should be interesting. If you have any suggestions, please forward them along. Meanwhile, I’m going to get going on my implementation of EquiVol.


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