Hello Everyone

Alright, this is my second go at a blog. With my previous blog, I wasn’t very active in posting. I suppose that this was because I was too busy with other stuff. But I think it was also because I didn’t have enough focus on the topics I wanted to discuss. I originally wanted to do “just another” SaaS blog. There are so many out there, I struggled to find my own space. But now, I think I’ve figured it out, by combining two things I understand very well: “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and databases. This is what is now becoming known as “Database as a Service,” or DbaaS.

My idea is to focus on emerging DbaaS technologies, like Amazon’s SimpleDB, Google App Engine, Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), and others. I hope to get started posting next week. Until then, thanks for visiting my new blog!


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