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Database as a Service (DbaaS) Product Directory Published

I haven’t had time to post the past few days because I took a short trip to New York City. What an impressive place to visit! So much to see and do. Museums, buildings, shows, people watching, and don’t forget some of the best restaurants on the planet. When you get a chance, take a […]


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What Exactly Is Database as a Service?

To make sure that we are all starting from the same point, I thought it would be prudent to clearly define the term “Database as a Service” (DbaaS), at least as I see it. As of the time that I wrote this post, there were no related pages at Wikipedia about Database as a Service […]

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Hello Everyone

Alright, this is my second go at a blog. With my previous blog, I wasn’t very active in posting. I suppose that this was because I was too busy with other stuff. But I think it was also because I didn’t have enough focus on the topics I wanted to discuss. I originally wanted to […]

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